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About Call-A-Nerd

Computer repair

   Call-A-Nerd has been providing individualized services since 1985.

Our family owned company specializes in on-site repairs and consulting for both home and small business. We founded the company on a simple premise. That was treat each customer fair and provide a valued service at a low cost.

   Since the company began, each year we have evolved to offer more and more services as our staff's skills improve on outside services including Business to Business.

   We have added the ability to not only help a small business or start-ups with computer related services, but we now offer a full line of business products. 

     Our staff offers you assistance in accounting processes, employee relations, human resources issues, legal advice and much more through our many connections in the business industry.  We decided with our small business partners that we too needed to evolve to answer a host of questions and prepare you for a better future. 

Simple Easy Services at your home or business. 

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More than Just a Computer Repair Company

     The hourly consulting service includes an accounting specialist and business experts per hour.

     The free consulting is based on availability on weekends and evenings for our computer and business services. We do not want to interrupt your operation, so we prefer to discuss processes in the evening.

    As consultants we will spend time examining your operation, and help you work smarter and not harder. The real reason you went into business was to become a success, and we are here to help you.

     Call-A-Nerd understands that to become stronger, you too must grow. We establish a relationship that fosters growth for both your company and ours.

    Call-A-Nerd is a family owned business who focuses on your success. We appreciate you taking the time to read through this, just give us a call if you have any questions. 

 We Speak a Language You Understand  


Call-A-Nerd, LLC

is registered with


Utah Department of Commerce 

Utah State Tax Commission 

Sales Tax License and/or Use Tax Number


Issued June 1st, 2018

Copy of original certificate on file at

Call-A-Nerd Corporate Office

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